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Company Profile

Luoyang Hualing Magnesium  Co., Ltd. was established in 1995,located in Yiyang Developing Zone ,covers an acre of 66 acres.Since its inception,Adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, energy-saving environmental protection, safe and practical" research and development concept;Sincere, pragmatic, efficient, responsible" business values;"People-oriented" management concept;The idea of "innovation, service, double win","Scene is the market" mode of operation;"Do fine, do special, do strong" development goals.After years of exploration and research,it has made gratifying achievements in the development and production of the medium-thickness plate of magnesium alloy.Especially in the wide (maximum 2800mm) high-temperature, high-strength magnesium alloy rolling plate, magnesium sheet rolling production, research and development has made a significant contribution to the National 2 invention patents and 9 utility model patents authorized.Because the company has deformed magnesium alloy rolling, rare earth magnesium alloy smelting, high-strength magnesium alloy plate and other core technologies.Products in the Shenzhou series, the Moon series spacecraft successfully applied,high strength magnesium alloy plate was approved by Boeing, one of the American customers.Products not only occupied the domestic market, but also the bulk export to the United States, Japan, Europe and Korea and other countries and regions, and become a national science and technology qualified suppliers, products renowned international.Company dedicated to providing customers with quality products solutions.